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Making old pieces new!

Refinishing/Restoration FAQ

Q: Can my project be refinished?

A: It depends on the project! Some pieces are repairable, but can quickly add up in work hours if completely refinished, so it may not be worth it!

Q: How much will it cost to refinish?

A: We charge hourly to refinish projects, so it really depends on the piece. Shoot us a message with a few pictures and we'll try to get an estimate!

Q: Are there projects you can't refinish?

A: Items with thin or damaged veneers often cannot be refinished. Items with lots of spindles and other detailed embellishments cannot be refinished as they are very time-consuming.

Q: My piece of furniture has a great finish, but it's falling apart, what do I do?

A: We have "fixed up" several pieces without the need to strip and refinish the whole project, sometimes just a little glue and reinforcement is needed.

Q: Somebody has already tried to fix it, can it be fixed again?

A: Most times, yes, but depending on the repair, it may be beyond repair. 

Q: My piece of furniture is missing parts, can you replicate them?

A: It depends on the part, but yes, we can!

Q: Do you completely take apart pieces, refinish, and rebuild?

A: No, if there are any glue joints that are in good shape, we run the risk of breaking the piece further, so we really only repair wat is loose/broken.

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Resto Q&A

Church Pew

This Pew was in pretty bad shape after sitting outdoors, after some gluing up and new finish, it's ready to be displayed in its home! We have also shortened a few pews, perfect for mudrooms & Entryways!


Antique Dresser

Sometimes you have a piece that is still in usable shape, but it needs a little help- we can fix it up! This dresser has been in the family for over 75 years, and now its good as new!


Kitchen Tables

You may already have a solid oak table that is in great shape, or maybe one that is in need of new finish on the top only- we can refinish your table in a whole new style, or refinish the top to match the existing table!

Antique Trunk

Do you have an old trunk from a family member collecting dust? Let's make it new! This one was simply cleaned up and now has a place in the home for blanket storage.


Don't Throw it Out!

The finish on this dresser was fine, but it finally fell apart. We glued it up and made it sturdy, and will outlive any of its modern-day particle board counterparts!



This old buffet was in pretty good shape, but needed some help. We applied a modern polyurethane finish that requires no maintenance and is easy to clean up. We even polished up the hardware!


Everything Else!

Questions about Refinishing?
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